Aluminum has many advantages over steel as a material for sculpture, including significantly reduced weight and resistance to corrosion. Aluminum accepts and holds paint well and can be sourced through specialized salvage yards as well as through vendors of new stock.

All Together Now was cut from standard-size sheets of aluminum by Omnicut Waterjet Technologies in Denver, Colorado. The cut sheets are slotted together to form an interlocking box in plan with occasional hidden bolts added to stabilize thinner sections.

The sculpture was assembled on a pallet offsite, lifted onto a trailer by a forklift, then driven to the the installation site and offloaded by forklift. The final transfer from pallet to base was done by a crew of volunteers. Twenty bolts drilled into the sandstone base hold the sculpture in place against what can be very high winds along the Front Range of Colorado.

All Together Now, painted 3/8" aluminum plate, 99"h x 52"w x 45"d

Close-up view showing intersecting aluminum plates

Relationship to Market outdoor seating area

View from outdoor seating area